E-Filing Checklist

Review the E-Filing Rules page.

Getting Started for Participants

PDF Document Considerations

  • Redact personal identifiers from all pleadings. Only the Notice of Appeal and Petition should contain the C-file number or SSN. See Rule 6 and E-Rule 4(a).
  • Pleadings must continue to follow the guidelines contained in the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure.
  • Instead of a hand-written signature, use the electronic signature format:
    /s/ Typed Name.
  • Create text-searchable PDF files as much as possible. Use a PDF converter software (such as Adobe Acrobat or CutePDF) to create PDF files straight from your typed document.
  • Try to incorporate all parts of the pleading into one file using a document processing program (such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect) and by using copy and paste. Use Alt-Print Screen to capture a picture of the active window and paste it in the document. Then after incorporating all parts of the pleading into one file, convert the file into PDF format.
  • For most PDF converters, click File - Print then select the virtual PDF printer. Then save the PDF file on the desktop or appropriate folder.
  • If scanning documents, use the scanner's OCR (optical character recognition) feature.
  • The maximum size for each PDF file is 30,000 KB.
  • If attachments cannot be included in the original typed pleading, scan them into a separate PDF file, using the OCR feature, then e-file them together.

Additional E-Filing Considerations

  • Verify that the case number and party caption are correct before docketing pleadings for each case.
  • Review the case docket report before and after e-filing the pleading. Open the e-filed pleading from the docket report to make sure it is the correct document.
  • 12 a.m. EST is the cut off time for the filing date. If you start the e-filing process but do not finish until after 12 a.m., then your pleading may be untimely.
  • Separate pleadings should be saved as separate PDF files and e-filed separately. For example, a motion for leave should be e-filed and then a motion for extension can be e-filed.
  • You may change your CM/ECF password by clicking Utilities - Update My Account. If you have forgotten your password, email efiling@uscourts.cavc.gov
  • To update your contact information, send a written notice to the Court by email, fax, or postal mail. Email: efiling@uscourts.cavc.gov, Fax: 202-501-5848, mail: USCAVC, 625 Indiana Avenue, NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20004-2950.