E-Rule 13: Public Access

(a) Except for the cases sealed under Rule 48 of the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure, documents filed electronically are public documents and once filed are not protected by federal privacy statutes or regulations. Documents filed electronically are automatically linked to automated docket entries without prior review by personnel of the Court. Because of the worldwide access to these electronic records, this fact should be carefully considered by all parties when filing documents. See U.S. VET. APP. R. 48.

(b) It is the responsibility of all parties to refrain from and prevent the filing with the Court of any electronic document that will not be locked that contains personal identifiers or information such as medical information otherwise protected by privacy statutes or regulations or that is deemed personal in nature and not necessary for the resolution of the matters under consideration by the Court. Redaction of private information not necessary for the resolution of the matters before the Court from documents submitted through CM/ECF or by email or fax is permitted. Parties wishing to challenge such redactions may do so by filing a motion with the Court within 15 days of the document's filing. See U.S. VET. APP. R. 6.