E-Rule 3: CM/ECF Eligibility, Registration, Passwords

(a) All representatives before the Court must register as CM/ECF Users by reviewing the information supplied on the Court's Web site www.uscourts.cavc.gov and completing the appropriate registration form.

(b) A pro bono limited appearance will have CM/ECF User status commencing at the time a motion for a stay of proceedings for the purpose of conducting case evaluation is filed. See U.S. VET. APP. R. 5. Such CM/ECF User status will cease when any stay granted is lifted.

(c) Completion of the Court's CM/ECF filer registration constitutes consent to electronic service through CM/ECF of all documents as provided in these E-Rules and Misc. Order 19-07.

(d) CM/ECF Users agree to protect the security of their passwords and immediately notify the CM/ECF Help Desk (202-418-3453) if they learn that their password has been compromised. CM/ECF Users may be sanctioned for failure to comply with this provision.

(e) A CM/ECF User who does not have any open cases with the Court and who desires to become inactive may withdraw from participation in CM/ECF. Withdrawal is accomplished by providing the Clerk with written notice (to efiling@uscourts.cavc.gov) of the intent to withdraw. See also E-Rule 2(e).