E-Rule 5: Effects of Filing Through CM/ECF

(a) Electronic filing of a document with the Court consistent with these E-Rules, and the transmission of a notice of docket activity from the Court, constitutes filing of the document under Rules 4 and 25(c)(1) of the Court's Rules of Practice and Procedure. U.S. VET. APP. R. 4, 25.

(b) The Court will not accept for electronic filing any document that is not legible, complete, and in PDF format. When a document has been filed electronically, the official record is the electronic document stored by the Court, and the CM/ECF User is bound by the official record.

(c) A document filed electronically is deemed filed at the time and date stated on the notice of docket activity generated by CM/ECF. To be timely filed on a specific date, electronic filing must be completed before midnight Eastern Time, as shown on the notice of docket activity.

(d) If a CM/ECF-submitted electronic document is not timely filed because of a power failure or other emergency circumstance, a CM/ECF User must notify the Court in a timely manner, explain the reasons for such circumstance, and seek appropriate relief.

(e) A CM/ECF User who is adversely affected by a technical failure at the Court in connection with filing or receipt of an electronic document may seek appropriate relief from the Court.