Rule 44: Judicial Conference

(a) Purpose. Pursuant to 38 U.S.C. § 7286, there shall be convened, at such time and place as the Chief Judge designates, a conference to consider the business of the Court and to recommend means of improving the administration of justice within the Court's jurisdiction.

(b) Committee. The Chief Judge will appoint a Judicial Conference Planning Committee to plan and conduct the conference. The Planning Committee may appoint such subcommittees as may be necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the conference.

(c) Attendance. The Chief Judge presides at the conference. All persons admitted to practice before the Court, and such other persons as are designated by the Chief Judge, may be members of and participate in the conference.

(d) Registration Fee. Each member of the conference other than Judges of the Court shall pay a registration fee in an amount fixed by the Court to defray expenses of the conference. The Chief Judge may excuse the payment of the fee in individual cases. These fees are governed by 38 U.S.C. § 7285.

(e) Responsibility of the Clerk. The Clerk is responsible for receipt and disbursement of conference funds, for all conference records and accounts, and for conference staff support, and performs such other duties pertaining to the conference as may be directed by the Chief Judge.

(f) Delegation. The Chief Judge may delegate any or all of his or her responsibilities to another Judge of the Court.